Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Doldrums

I'm getting bad about updating, super busy lately, now tired from that and a little down about not getting the Kona set up yet... ordered Crosso panniers from Poland, they are great, got stainless fenders, cool. The 35cm Schwalbe marathon tires are too beefy, sent them back for 32's. Avid disc brake pads never showed from Jensen, cancelled after 3 weeks and ordered from another site. Measured the bilenky seat to bars and stem height and ordered an 80mm adjustable stem, figured that would work, but it is still too far to reach, returned to GottaRideBikes in exchange for a 120, but they sent a 120 straight, which makes it even further of a reach, so that's back in the mail w a note for a 120 adjustable. The Tubus Logo rack looks great, so... maybe next week the tires will come, then I'll take the wheels off and put in the brake pads, tires, new rack, fenders, and stem, strap on the panniers, and be ready to shake it down commuting to work for a while. Our weather is supposed to cool this weekend, it's 74 to 92 or for the next 3 days, but I'm starting to look at routes and when can I get a 4 day camping trip in... Thanksgiving weekend is the best time, but campgrounds are full and I'm having heartburn about $22 a night to pitch a tent in state parks... need something primitive but then there's safety, anyway, more to come once the bike is setup.

On the upside, I'm loving the Bilenky ride every day, around 19 mins in and 23 out in the heat, no extra mileage I'm resting evenings as much as possible to recover from the long days last week w IFMA World Workplace convention in town and catching up w work as much as possible. I could take the Bilenky loaded but the last 3 years I've said this is the last one... already looking at routes on Google aerials I'm finding off the path gravel and dirt roads to short cut and keep out of traffic, perfect to test out the Kona with a load.

I'll post some pics when all the gear is on... Would really like to get one in to see how the new bike and gear works before the traditional Christmas ride, though this year, with Gracie and Julie in India for Christmas, I'll be wise to stick around home, M tells me... maybe I can get an overnight out to the seashore at least, then get a long weekend after Gracie gets back on the 30th.

Finally the Bike Bus business is happening the 24th...going to the Vegfest and Florida Renewable Energy Expo... here's links http://www.metroplanorlando.com/site/plans/bicycle.asp, http://commuteorlando.com/bikebus