Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back in the saddle

I've been back on the bike every day the past 2 weeks, did 25 last Sunday without too much trouble. Ribs are coming back still sore at night but at least I can sleep now! Really wanting to get a tour in but don't think I can sleep on the ground... going to get busy at work for the next 2-3 months with the construction project and new people moving in, then getting settled, but maybe October/November I can get a tour in (still secrectly hoping for a little weekend escape in late July or August, we'll see).

Hear that Nick is getting started riding again out in California. Good thing, from the last pics I seen of him getting a little chub from all that good air force life and beer. Really hot here now, 95 or so in the day, blazing hot sun, humid, down to 74 or so at night. I'm going to go out early tomorrow for a 25er or so out the trail to Oveido, haven't done that for a couple months. Never heard from any of those guys in Bodhgaya, Ishu, Kamil, Sanjiv, if you're out there shoot me an email at be a long time before I get back to India but you never know! Next year we are looking to Italy or Switzerland, during Tour de France time, and yes this time I am going to take my bike and make it to see at least one stage of the tour live!