Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug 30 Biketalk

End of the trail for biketalk?
Let me know your thoughts, I think the biketalk concept may have run it's course. We have great participation in commuting and bike events of all sorts, and the intention when I started biketalk was just to raise awareness of cycling for fun, health, and transportation. What do you think?

I rode a little yesterday, about 5 miles 26 mins just slow coast up to target and around the neighborhoods. Still a little fragile (the ankle, shoulder, and hip) so I didn't ride in today as planned, can't really put a shoe on comfortably to ride. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday for sure.

Dropped my bike off w Ed Steidle for a green metallic powder coat Saturday, $50 + $17 for the powder the price is right we'll see how it turns out! I pick it up next Saturday, meanwhile I'll be riding the Kona. Now that I have a brooks on each bike (spring B-66 on the Kona) it's pretty easy to switch back and forth.

Planning to ride at least a 25 mile ride Saturday or Sunday on the long weeekend coming up, look forward to that (it will likely be Sunday if I get the Bilenky back Saturday I'll set it up Sat night). Found out after visiting 5 shops Saturday morning I have a Phil Wood bottom bracket which are very nice, I thought it was Campagnolo like every other component on my bike (except TA Cranks). LocoMotion Winter Park finally got it off for me.

Happy riding enjoy the long weekend! Cool Camping season coming up after the move settles late October and it starts getting cool at night I WILL go bike camping!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back on the bike again

It was a little coast around audubon and over to target and back, but it sure felt good after 2 solid weeks without riding. The ankle wound still isn't all closed up, and it's a little creaky, but the shoulder and hip were OK. I think I'll take the vespa one more day tomorrow, then start on the bike again Tuesday. I'm riding the Kona Sutra, the Bilenky is at Ed Steidle powdercoating getting a fresh green put on, I'll pick it up next Saturday.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Once a month!?

Yeah that's the sorry truth, I'm not riding or camping or touring enough to feel like there's much of interest to post. Daily ride to work, but come on, well into the second thousand trips there's not a lot of fresh material there.

I look forward to the next trip and will be back then!