Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super weekend

We finally got some good warm weather, i had lunch on the side of lake baldwin on my way home from whole foods, had some nice veg sushi rolls and water in the warm sun looking at the lake.

A nice ride Saturday morning and again Sunday, ending up at the Rusted Chain Bike Collective cleaning up some bikes for Active Orlando's giveaway late march. Great to see the place so active and so many people out working on bikes.

Got this awesome looking package in the mail yesterday from Poland, my new touring panniers from Crosso, they are the best and I hope I get a chance to visit them next year on our next Europe trip.

Back to the daily life of a working bike commuter tomorrow so I'm resting early. Taking down that tree by hand yesterday wore me out!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gearing up for a 10 day tour

I'm getting psyched up for my California tour in a couple months. It will be my longest tour, 400 miles in 9-10 days. Putting together logistics and buying gear right now. I've been riding the Kona all this month and it is doing great. Have a little squeek and chatter on the front disc brake but otherwise it's all good, loving the 32cm Schwalbe Marathon Deluxe Tires. Reading some Cal blogs and forums, making some contacts, see the word "stoked" a lot. Looking forward to the hiker-biker camp sites in most of the state parks.

Around here I volunteered to participate in some community bike events over the next month and a half, trying to raise some money to donate a couple bikes and some gear. Going to the Rusted Chain Sunday to see if they need any help setting up some donated bikes for the giveaway's. Also, Julie wants to get a bike from there and learn to wrench her own bike together.

I ordered some new Panniers from Crosso, yeah I know my others are only 6 months old.. but I got a smaller size for the 3-4 days I usually do around here, and they are great bulletproof, waterproof bags, but I think for 9 days in cold rainy season I'll have a little more gear and need the larger bags to avoid a huge pile on top.

Been coolish here, we're having the coldest winter of the 6 we've been here, but warming up over 70 tomorrow and 75 Sunday, should be great cruisin around weather.