Friday, September 10, 2010

Biketalk for Friday Sep 10

Looking forward to getting some miles in this weekend.. felt real strong this morning finishing the first week back riding every day.
Fixing a sticky campy road shifter
Today an noon I'm going to attempt to fix this thing... it may be some dirt but  more likely it's the new bar tape I put on last weekend constraining the operation. Still to hot for a lunchtime ride on Friday but it's getting cool enough to think about it (another month)...
Here's the link to my blog w pics of the new paint job, turned out great! I'm thinking not put the Bilenky stickers back on, no one knows what they mean anyway and I kind of like the minimal look. No racks or anything on my bike now, it's nice and clean if you want to try a ride on a quality  steel frame bike let me know it's all yours!

Monday, September 6, 2010

What do you think ? My house is about 3:00 on this picture... make a run for it? I'm going to wait it our for another 30 mins and if it's not raining at 5:01 I'm going to make a dash for it... if it is raining?  I'll catch the 5:15 bus (out of my brain on the 5 uhv, fifteen!, remember that one!)

Riding on that new paint today... but it's looking stormy!

I'm riding the all cleaned up Bilenky with fresh paint, new bar tape, and every single component clean as new.. and guess what? Look around, it's thunder and about to rain big time! I'm holed up in the office downtown and we'll see what happens with the storm. Meanwhile, I'm going to put in a huge plug  for Ed Steidle at

Ed did a fantastic job and you cannot believe the prices, I told him he should raise his prices, he's at least $50 less than anyone else in town and his work is great! He's a small owner run business and I'm sure he'd be happy to have yours! Also, you can buy the powder yourself or have Ed do it for you... if you want to do it yourself lookat

Hard to believe it but check these pics out with a fine zoom and you will see it's no  fluke!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bilenky painting finished

I picked up the Bilenky yesterday and spent last night and today building it back up. I think it looks great! The powder coat made it a little snug to get the front hub back in place, but it's in there now. Tomorrow morning I'm looking forward to a nice long ride, as long as my ankle and stamina hold up, after a month without riding. More tomorrow after the ride! Happy HOLIDAY!