Sunday, November 27, 2011


So it's been a while, this is my thanksgiving morning ride, out on Wild Horse Pass Rd about 4 miles south of home. It's getting more and more difficult to make the time to blog, or keep up with facebook, and linked in, and emails and work. So I'll shoot for once a month just to keep a little idea of what's going on. We're renting in Ahwatukee, around 48th & Ray Rd, until next August. Starting to look for a home to buy, hopefully in one of the historic districts around downtown. Yes it will be a longer commute a little for me, but that's the place to be, this car-dependent drive 20 or 30 miles all the time is not for us. I can hear the highway as I got to bed and get up in the morning... a roaring, neverending monster.  Found a nice little place that we looked at last April, and which sold about that time, now it's up for auction so we're going to maybe take a shot at it. Tiny little place 1100 sf counting the garage made into a 2/1! But it has a pool and a nice yard, built in 1925 it looks to have some character on the inside and the neighborhood looks to be the kind of people we'd like to live around, only 2 city blocks to the light rail, near the art museum, heard museum, and main city library. TTYL, shoot me a note if you're keeping up and haven't touched base for a while. Oh, the job is going great, I really like it and we are building a great team, having fun working together so that makes it easier to hop out of bed at 5:30am and jump onto the bike. Long as I can get that 30 mins of my time each way (or more) I'm going to be happy!