Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New bike update

So... I rode the Kona for about 10 days, and got on the Bilenky for a Saturday trip to the store... and I've been on it since! It's such a sweet bike, just not setup for touring and off road. I've compromised w myself, I'm going to ride the Bilenky until I get the Kona set up right... and I have tires, an adjustable stem, rear rack, and panniers all on order, oh a new set of disk brake pads too... then I'll try the Kona for a few weeks commute and a tour, and see how it goes. Cross our fingers it will work out. A little concerned about the frame size (54) my other 2 road bikes are 56 & 57... but the dude in the bike shop in Dallas told me 54-55 should work fine maybe better, we'll see. I measured distance from seat to bars, floor to stem, and crank to seat top, and there's about 1.5 inch difference, which will change w the new stem and adjusting the seatpost up a little.

Otherwise life is great riding every day the weather has started to cool morning and evening though the humidity is still high and mid-day til 6:00 or so the heat is on, one more month and we'll be seeing some cooling. I owe Commute Orlando an article that will be on my list 2 weeks out, after the IFMA convention next week here in Orlando. I'll post again after I get the new rack, stem, and panniers on the Kona w a pic of that setup, and the bilenky which is now stripped down and I'm carrying a messenger bag on the commute.

Oh the bike-bus to veg-fest next month (Oct 25) looks like it is going to be a lot of fun, hope I can recruit a few people to ride along with me and eat veg for a change!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Got a new bike, a new community bike resource

So I got the Kona Sutra off ebay and it is a sweet little thing. At first it felt slow and heavy, but the front disk brake was dragging so I don't know how to adjust it but turned the dial all the way one way and it is totally disengaged, now it rides fine. A little slower than the Bilenky and the frame geometry is smaller but I'm getting used to it. Hopefully will get an overnight trip in the next couple months as it starts to cool here.

The http://rustedchainbikecollective.blogspot.com/ is happening at Public Storage #626 Colonial at McGuire Thursday 5-9, Sun 3-7... we saw the group meeting at Ethos tonight (Mon) they meet there... we just happened to be going to dinner and saw them all.

Finally getting back to bike shape, although with some extra hours this week at work I didn't feel much like riding this weekend, we had a great long day at the beach Sunday and I got sunburned so no riding at all yesterday or today!

At work people riding bikes is I think at an all time high percentage wise and that is so cool... we are still in the hot season when it cools we should get a group ride or two together, I definitely want to plan an overnight to Hontoon Island and have the cabins staked out... if no one shows up then we won't do it again, but if people do we'll do it again next year.

I really enjoyed showing pics of my india trip to everyone that showed up to thursday lunch at work, I had many many more pics it took a long time to go through them and pick out representive pics, there were so many more things i could have talked about... but I think everyone got a flavor for some of what india is like. I'll definitely go back for an extended time in some years when I have more time, like 6 months.

Had a great labor day weekend at back to work tomorrow.