Saturday, April 30, 2011

OK Hello from Phoenix

I know I've been bad and lost for a while... what can I say, events overtook me. I was laid off, and got a job in Phoenix, and I've been here 3 weeks now tomorrow morning. 6 nights in a hotel, now 2 weeks in an apartment overlooking the Hohokam expressway and motel 6 parking lot, with the Papago rocks out the other window. bike culture is great here, many bike lanes and great transit with light rail and buses every 15 mins in Tempe. So heres a  pic of the Papago rocks on my ride home from the grocery store... did 55 miles today all around, must have been 90 some but nothing like the florida humidity and the sun didn't feel as heavy. anyway, i'm commuting to work every day by bike and will update about once a week... loving it so far but they tell me in a month it will be too hot to ride when it's 100 at 5am and 120 in the afternoon!!!