Thursday, April 30, 2015


Broken stem.. never had that happen before. Lucky lucky I had hit a crosswalk to stop traffic at 7th st. Very busy street I usually dash across. Halfway across im suddenly holding free handlebars. Attached to nothing. Then bike falling from sky on top me. Pain leg back shoulder. Bloody thumb dripping... traffic waits while I gather myself n drag bike off street. People asking are you ok. Trying to figure out what happened where am I hurt. How bad. Hit head lucky for helmet again. Hard to get breath just for a minute wind was knocked out. How can I drag home. 1 mile... 20 30 mins .. text marian i will be late but im ok. At home check hurt eh road rash... youve had worse.. says marian. Back 2 places. Shoulder. Few aches n hurt but nothing serious. Bus tomorrow.