Friday, April 9, 2010

California dreamin

I should be in California. Yesterday was the travel day, tonight I would have been camping out at Elk Grove campground in Redwood National Park... followed by 9 days of bike camping through the redwoods and down the pacific coast, ending w 2 days in San Francisco. Instead it's been a few long days at work and I need some rest. Hoping to get a little 3-4 ride n camp in the last week of the month, down the east coast from Cocoa to Sebastian inlet and back home. Catching up on yardwork n rest this weekend, finishing up the taxes, and next weekend I'm getting all the gear down and packing the panniers, buying the food supplies, having everything ready to go. We'll see.

Sold the Klein to Jay W at work, he's a little bigger than me it fits him like a glove, and since I got the Bilenky I really felt guilty about the Klein sitting in the closet not getting many miles. Now I'm alternating the Kona and Bilenky, and probably will sell the K2 mountain next, the Kona is OK for off road as much as I've done the last 5 yrs.

Looking forward to a good ride Sunday morning after a nice rest tomorrow.