Monday, September 6, 2010

Riding on that new paint today... but it's looking stormy!

I'm riding the all cleaned up Bilenky with fresh paint, new bar tape, and every single component clean as new.. and guess what? Look around, it's thunder and about to rain big time! I'm holed up in the office downtown and we'll see what happens with the storm. Meanwhile, I'm going to put in a huge plug  for Ed Steidle at

Ed did a fantastic job and you cannot believe the prices, I told him he should raise his prices, he's at least $50 less than anyone else in town and his work is great! He's a small owner run business and I'm sure he'd be happy to have yours! Also, you can buy the powder yourself or have Ed do it for you... if you want to do it yourself lookat

Hard to believe it but check these pics out with a fine zoom and you will see it's no  fluke!

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