Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bike to work week

so it's national bike to work week, not many people know about it. as the rest of the country/world advances... here our legislature just abandoned the commuter rail, just like they abandoned the light rail 10 yrs ago... i'd be happy if the cops and city workers and super whopper suv drivers would just stay out of the bike lane. Clearly signed, Bike LANE, picture of cycles ONLY!. Must be the water down here.
But it is bike week, I I was in a bike shop at lunch, the owner didn't know... yeah, I'll have to ride in on Friday (guess he drives other days). Where's the good news?! We got a bunch of people riding in Friday at least 5 or more that don't normally ride, and 3 more have asked about the bus this week. We are about 90% on our 1st surveymonkey transportation survey... and I hear another person is going to turn in the ole gasser at lease end and go car-free. So it get's better.

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