Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got Bikes? Ride em! event

We had a lot of fun with the Got Bikes? Ride em! event at Dover Shores community center today. There were 148 kids in attendance, and Commissioner Ortiz was a real crowd pleaser. We had a great presentation and gave away 4 bikes. The highlight for me was seeing all the little ones so happy and joyful and having so much fun. On the ride over in the right lane of Curry Ford 3 guys in a white compact car laid on the horn and shouted for us to "get off the road" and one of them threw something that hit me in the side, it was a snuff container that then fell in the road and spilled it's contents. Shortly following another vehicle got behind us and laid on the horn for a long long time, before zooming around. We were riding single file in the right lane, but while Ken was hugging the white line I was about 24" out I just didn't feel safe sharing with so many cars zooming around. Looking forward to our next event Wed 17th at College Park.

Meanwhile, on the California trip planning, it's coming together. Have a one-way car reservation for when I land in San Francisco, will drive up to Eureka and get a good rest in a motel (6am wake up in Orlando, -3 hrs to California it will be midnight Orlando time when I stop for the night). But in the morning I can sleep late and only have to drop off the car at the airport and get the bike together then ride 40 miles to Redwood National Park. Should have camp set up early and get a good night rest before starting south the 375 miles to SFO. 9 days later I have a 2 night reservation in SFO, maybe it will end up being one, it will be a long way in between. Got all my gear out of storage, this weekend I'm packing the panniers and seeing how everything fits on the bike.

Riding in to work this morning a pleasant surprise I was coming down Bennett to the Cady Way trail crossing and see a beige jacketed rider go across, I caught up with them a short time later to find it was John Griffin, a co-worker. He is an experienced bike commuter from college days and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and some conversation on the way in.

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