Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting ready to roll!

The Kona is ready and the 09 mini-tour is about to roll! The panniers are about packed to take off one of these weekends. Planning a car or train ride to Tampa and from there to 3 State Parks, a night each w 50-70 miles between, before returning home the 4th day pm. I'm altering the packlist from since it's 3 nights and the weather has turned cool at night. To save space, I pack each days outfit in a newspaper sleeve... socks, shorts, jersey, headband, rolls up real small and makes it quick to find stuff. The Crosso Panniers come with a mini-bag on the outside so I'm reorganizing some quick grab things like clif bars, bandanas, poncho, etc for easy retrieval. Primitive camping is available at all 3 places $5 a night. I was worried about spending $22 a night to shower and pitch a tent but not to worry they are reserved except one place, they have "wilderness camping" just show up. Need a good cracker western or adventure story to read in the woods but still have a week or two to find a couple. Really looking forward to this years adventure on the sturdy Kona Sutra.

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