Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

This week I'm especially thankful for passing 500 miles for the month, only the 3rd time that's happened in the 5 years I've been commuting. And... I rode all three bikes this week, the bilenky to work a couple days, then the kona for rainy days, and today I took the Klein out because it was cool (50ish this am)... and a little breeze so I kept it rolling and stayed warm. Sadly I have felt guilty about not riding the Klein enough as most of my rides are utilitarian so I am going to sell it next year.

Hope to get the fenders on the Kona this weekend and ride it to work that way, it's going to be my every day bike and the Bilenky will get cleaned up and painted next year and become my pretty weekend ride.

I'd like to get another tour in this year that was so much fun but I have to get the house painted first... so I'll be doing some scraping and priming tomorrow and Sunday, and hope to finish the job the first couple days of Xmas break then get a 3 night ride in by next year! Where will I go? The only direction I haven't yet gone is southeast so I think I'll try to get down to Sebastian Inlet or Kissimmee Prairie State parks and back in a 4 day. We'll see how the wind blows and the painting goes!

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