Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunny hot saturday in phoenix

I had to work this morning for a while but then rode down to the train and got downtown to the library, great spot picked up some movies about a couple chinese bike cops i'm gonna watch in a minute. Otherwise had a nice lunch at Carly's downtown and rode 41 miles around town looking at houses and neighborhoods north of the biltmore area. Found a few we can afford. Lots of sun, didn't have sunscreen so my arms and legs got pretty good farmer tan. Riding pretty strong though. One of the houses is by phoenix mountain preserve which looks like some mountain bike trails right by the house. we'll see what happens with that but it's been good, lot of bike lanes and wide streets, cars are pretty good about sharing but like everywhere you have some dummies in big pickups that don't wanna, luckily there are sidewalks everywhere and when someone gets too close for comfort i either take the lane or jump on the sidewalk. Tomorrow I'll ride / train to the Heard museum of Native american culture. I've been reading lots of that history and time period 1850-1900 so look forward to the visit and they have a really good looking cafe with lots of veg treats. Got the Kona here for riding along the canals and off-road trails, but it's too heavy to carry up and down from the 3rd fl apartment so I'm using the Bilenky most every day, gonna need some tires soon but otherwise it's a joy and so much fun to ride. Guy on the train today was admiring the bike and so were the IT guys I talked to at work with the move. It's a sweetie if ever I need another one I think it'll be another Bilenky!

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