Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big adventure starts tomorrow

Tomorrow after work I fly back to Orlando for a packed week of moving. Get in around midnight, pick up the truck 8am then go go go til the movers show up Monday morning. Hope to get a little time to watch the time trial 2nd to last day of the tour de france Saturday morning. Then we're on the road, me, Ruth, and Bear, with the truck and car in tow, one night in Florida, next one around Houston, then one way the heck out west texas around columbus to el paso somewhere, then we should get in to Phoenix late Thursday night. Movers unloading Friday morning at the new house in Ahwatukee. Believe it or not this is my best riding year to date ever, over 2200 miles so far and will make 300 for July in spite of missing 14 days in Orlando and the trip. Really looking forward to getting this done and it's the last trip back to Orlando! Wierd as that seems. House hasn't sold, but the realtor is going to lease and manage it for us until next year or the year after. We're going to rent out here anyway, the market here is still going down for another year or two. Got pack, see you around!

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