Sunday, July 10, 2011

July already!

So much has happened since I last posted. We DID find a place to rent for a year, in Ahwatukee, about 7 miles south from work on a bus line the gets me pretty close, and also it's close enough to bike. I'm getting acclimated to the heat, it's only 100 today with now clouds but low humidity and I rode 20 miles and wanted to do more, but that little voice in my 55 yr old head said "get out of the sun and rest before you overdo it"! So that's what I'm doing now. Nice little lunch of salad, wheat pasta, old milwaukee NA, and sara lee strawberry cheese cake now it's nap time then maybe go out for another little ride when the sun goes down a little.

I have purchased my ticket back to Orlando, the last trip! I snuck in for the weekend of the 4th that was nice, it's  just too hard to be away from my little sweetie so long, now it's only 2 more weeks we'll have our Saturday nights together again. We usually go out to dinner or lunch each day and make one outing. While in Orlando we went to Ethos for dinner Saturday night, and took a pita pit sandwich out to Baldwin Park to the connector between lakes Susanah and Baldwin, one of our favorite spots sitting there on the bench watching the birds and the clouds.

I've also purchased Marian and Graces tickets to leave Orlando the 25th. I come in the 22nd midnight and rent a truck in the morning. Monday we'll have a move crew to load up and me and Ruth are driving the truck, towing the car, and taking the pets with us for a 4 day adventure filled trip over the 2100 miles or whatever it ends up being. Rented from Penske I used to use them commercially they had good gear, pray we don't have a breakdown. Setting up movers here for the 29th to move into our new place and I'll have to move out of the apartment the 31st. Marian and Grace will stay here the 25th-29th. Lots of orchestration hope everything works out!

We had a crazy dust storm Tuesday night... you can look up pics on you tube it was like a white-out blizzard you couldn't see and you couldn't breath. In the morning it looked like a 1/4 inch of dirt on top of everything and it took about 2 days for the air to clear up. It's still filthy here.
the bike trail through Papago Park, right in the city but you think you are out in the desert.
Job is going well, miss my ole friends at Glatting AECOM and was sad to hear of Ken Kauffman's passing, he was only 53 and such a nice person. Haven't heard from too many others but Pegge, Bruce, and Carol and a few folks are connected on facebook, which I am even worse about keeping up with than blogging. I try to look at it once a week but my daughters and everyone else posts so many things I never know how much I've missed! I like it when people send private messages that way I can catch up without feeling like the whole world is in all my business.

Talk to you soon, oh i've passed 2000 miles for the year headed for 4,000 will be in my top 3 of the past 7 I kept track. Can't wait to get my camping gear here and check out that ponderosa pine forest and mountains for a bike camping tour!

The path home through Papago park is an awesome way to get back from the grocery store

A big cup of ice water will be totally gone in 2 mins when it's 110

After the dust storm... filthy!

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